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District 1 Brossard

Bachelor in Environment

Owner for 14 years of a marketing agency

Project manager in the family business


“As the owner of a marketing company specializing in events, I understand how the cultural and sporting life of our city plays a major role in our quality of life. Over the past four years, I have witnessed deep shifts in the way we do politics with Doreen. The sincerity and authenticity she shows in the performance of her duties convinced me, as the leader of the Brossard Citizens Party, to join our efforts with those of Brossard Ensemble. “

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in environmental design specializing in architectures, Jean-Paul has a broad knowledge and solid expertise in the world of events. Reaching people, knowing their needs, carrying out activities that meet their expectations: this is one of his specialties.

Project manager within his family business, he was the founder of his agency14 years ago. Jean-Paul considers that good communication is an investment. And with good reason. Citizens need to know the ins and outs of a project, which is very legitimate because it concerns them directly. His commitment: to ensure a continuous flow between the City and the citizens. Even more, remain accessible and attentive to all the small and big concerns as your ambassador. Do not be surprised to meet him in his neighborhood and at unifying events. Each of your comments will be taken into account

Father of two children, Jean-Paul dedicates his next years to the service of his fellow citizens. Without a doubt, he will be able to give equal importance to his mission as a municipal councilor, his family and professional life. He made his commitment in concert with all his constituents, anxious support his mandate given the values advocated by Doreen’ team.

“With Doreen, I look forward to meeting you and most importantly, giving you a voice in everything that matters to you in our city. It will be a privilege for me as a new member of the great Brossard Ensemble team.

Our family has two beautiful children. Our responsibility is to shape for them an environment that reflefcts them. And I’m confident we’ll give it to them, as part of Doreen’s team.

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“Since the founding of our party, thousands of people have joined the vast new collective created by Brossard Ensemble. They are in turn volunteers, donors, supporters, candidates or committee members.

Team up with these citizens who believe, just like you, in an open and participatory democracy.


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