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Telephone: 450.800-9900

Courriel: CGaudette@BrossardENSEMBLE.ca

District 1 Brossard

Retired from education

City Councillor – District 1 (Areas B, C, E) since 2017

President, Planning Advisory Committee
(2017 to 2021)


“Being a great defender of the quality of life of the residents of my neighborhood, Brossard Ensemble was the most respectful option for the values of listening and mutual aid that I advocate. My area includes various areas and diverse groups of residents, whose interests I have been able to advocate for and find the bonds that unite them. That’s what I’ve been through for the past four years as part of Doreen’s team. I am very proud of our accomplishments and this is just the beginning! “

City Councilor for District 1 (Sectors B, C, E) since 2017, Christian chose to get involved in politics to establish transparent management of public funds and promote a pro-citizen approach. He has lived in this area for over ten years. From 2017 to 2021, Christian was president of the Planning Advisory Committee (CCU), sat on the Public Safety Committee of the Longueuil Agglomeration and on the Corporation of Cultural Property of the City of Brossard.

With a bachelor’s degree in education, a master’s degree in history and a graduate degree in educational administration, he devoted his professional life to the education of young people.

After several years in teaching, it was in 2001 that he joined the management team of the Marie-Victorin School Board. During his 13 years in administration, including nine years at Antoine-Brossard High School, he led teams, led school boards and administered multi-million dollar budgets.

He is now retired and even more available to serve his fellow citizens in District 1.

In 2017, you gave me the privilege of representing you on Doreen Assaad’s team. New development projects near the future Du Quartier station have made this major addition to public transport possible.

With the arrival of the REM, our district is in full swing. Soon, it will represent a quarter of the population of Brossard.

New development projects near the future Du Quartier station have made this major addition to public transport possible.

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“Since the founding of our party, thousands of people have joined the vast new collective created by Brossard Ensemble. They are in turn volunteers, donors, supporters, candidates or committee members.

Team up with these citizens who believe, just like you, in an open and participatory democracy.


Phone number

  • 450. 800-9900

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  • contact@BrossardENSEMBLE.ca

Electoral office:

  • 7883 boul. Taschereau
    Brossard, Qc

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  • C.P. 50582 CSP Carrefour Pelletier
    J4X 2V7