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District 1 Brossard

Technology Project Manager

President of the Maison de la famille de Brossard


“I know Doreen, having met her several times during our respective engagements. She is a strong woman, with a heart on her hands, who does her utmost for our City. Over the past four years, she and her team have honored their commitments to citizens. When I made the decision to enter municipal politics, Brossard Ensemble was the only choice that really matched my values. “

Stéphanie Quintal is a native of Brossard firmly rooted in the community. A technology project manager, mother of two children aged 10 to 15, this exceptional citizen has been intensely interested in municipal politics for the past five years.

For Stéphanie, being active in Brossard is a family affair. She continues the work of her parents who settled there and who chose to participate actively in community life. She made the same decision when it was her turn, when she returned to live in Brossard to raise her family, in 2008.

Family is at the heart of Stéphanie’s life choices. President of the Maison de la Famille since 2016, she took over from her mother when the latter left her post on the board of directors. This organization’s mission is to provide time, energy and support for parents as well as children, allowing them to become the family they want to be.

Generous, always ready to offer her help and lend a hand to those in need, she has also chaired the Governing Board of the Rose-des-Vents school for seven years, an establishment attended by one of her sons. She started the OPP (Parents Participatory Organization) in the same school. She is also the administrator of the condominium association where she lives.

Stéphanie considers her entry into municipal politics as an extension of her involvement in the community. She says she is privileged to be able to transpose her values of mutual aid and solidarity as a municipal councilor.

“As a project manager, I have to adapt, listen, manage risks and communicate; this is what the elected representatives of Brossard Ensemble have been doing since the very beginning of their mandate. These values are dear to me and I am happy to share them with this team.

I have received a lot so far; I grew up in an inspiring family, I fulfill myself professionally, my children and I live in a fulfilling living environment. It’s time for me to give back to the community.

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“Since the founding of our party, thousands of people have joined the vast new collective created by Brossard Ensemble. They are in turn volunteers, donors, supporters, candidates or committee members.

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