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Del Vecchio

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Telephone: 450.800-9900

Courriel: TDelVecchio@BrossardENSEMBLE.ca

District 1 Brossard


President, Brossard Figure Skating Club

Resident of Brossard since 1965


“Because Brossard Ensemble and their leader, Doreen Assaad, have demonstrated from the very beginning their desire to put citizens at the heart of all their decisions, I chose to join the party. Hope for the future rests on the proximity between elected officials and citizens, as well as on a team that puts the interests of the community before their own. “

Inspiration, Tina has it all! A resident of Brossard since 1965, she is part of a family that was at the heart of the city’s first chapters through the Centre de jardin Notre-Dame, the family business founded by her father.

From the family business to her community involvement today, Tina has cultivated a strong attachment to Brossard, her city, as well as to her fellow citizens.

Her commitment to young people and the next generation has also grown, as she became actively involved in figure skating. She has served as president of the Brossard Figure Skating Club for 12 years, continuing to give of her time for the benefit of hundreds of young people. Here is an inspired and inspiring candidate!

“I quickly realized that my connection to my community extended far beyond a family business. The more I interacted with those around me, the more I realized that I had to do more. “

After so many years of working in the community, to do more is to make the decision to take this passion to another level in order to serve the people of Brossard as municipal councilor.

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“Since the founding of our party, thousands of people have joined the vast new collective created by Brossard Ensemble. They are in turn volunteers, donors, supporters, candidates or committee members.

Team up with these citizens who believe, just like you, in an open and participatory democracy.


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